Hey Everyone ❤

I wrote another poem in my spare time. The last few weeks have been hectic for me socially, in addition to me dealing with midterms. Writing this really released some of my anxiety; remembering what I’m working toward and why. Hope you guys enjoy!


Hey there mom and dad don’t you worry about the future

time will pass and I’ll be in law school studying till 3am in the morning

I will survive, don’t you worry about a single thing tonight

I will survive;

Hey there my loved family

don’t you give up on my dreams;

I promise I’ll by mom that flower garden that she’s begged for since I was 3

and Dad you’ll get that boat you’ve always wanted since that time we spent in summers past;

I’ll make you all proud of me

Please don’t cry I promise everything will be alright

Don’t you worry I will survive

I will survive