We all have bad days. Some worse then others. This became apparent when just a few weeks ago, I was back home for winter break from college.

While home, I had the chance to spend a lot of time with my mom. She is often stuck at home completing boring, time consuming chores around the house. I thought it would be cool while I was home to take charge of cooking (something I enjoy a lot and she hates), and to occasionally take her shopping at the mall. For the most part we had a good time, and she was happy. But rarely, she gets into a bad mood that she describes as “feeling nervous and upset.”

Maybe she heard something; maybe she saw something; or maybe she was just feeling ill or out of it. Whatever the case, she would get upset. But despite this, I always had a secret weapon at my disposal to make her feel better.

This Video

She loves this video; every time I show her she bursts out laughing, asking to see it over and over. Nothing makes her smile more then watching a panda who’s about to escape suddenly get put back in his place by a panda nanny who’s losing her patience. And after she’s seen it enough times, I tell her the magic phrase:”Remember, no matter how upset you are, somewhere out there is a panda trying to escape from his nanny.”

Women especially, and practically everyone who has a soul (sorry every cast member of The House Wife’s of New Jersey or Beverly Hills), loves something that’s cute. That’s a fact. Whether they be babies, puppies, kitten…as long as it’s small and has big eyes it’s bound to be cuddled.

But the king of them all is the baby panda. Small and clumsy with black fur that surrounds their eyes and ears. They got everything that makes them champions. They’re bound to make whoever gazes upon their soft exteriors smile, no matter the circumstance that person may be in.


I’m single at the moment, but if I ever begin dating in the future I’m going to try this out with whoever I’m with. As a disclaimer though, I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you’re a new couple. It would be kind of strange and awkward if you start showing your partner panda videos out of the blue; it’s more of a thing to do if you guys have already been together for more then a couple of months, or have known each other for a long time.

Which is exactly why it’s perfect to test it on your mom, or any other woman in your life that you’ve known for a good amount of time. It’s hilarious to watch my mom’s mood go from terrible to amazing in a matter of minutes just by simply showing her a video of a panda trying to escape his enclosure.

So if you have a fight with your girlfriend and you want to reconcile; your wife is upset because you forgot to pick up groceries; or you mom is not feeling well and you need to cheer her up, show her the video and utter this phrase: “Remember, no matter how upset you are, somewhere out there is a panda trying to escape from his nanny”. Or say something similar; you get the general idea.