Finally, my first 10 Blood Warriors are complete; an excellent addition to the rising horde of Khorne.

As a busy college student, it took longer then I’d like to admit. I purchased these guys around May of 2016, and since then have taken on to the slow process working with each one by one. But I’m pleased how they all came out, and I am sure khorne is as well. Hope you guys like what you see; leave comments and tell me what you think 🙂


All ten marching onto slaughter.
Unholy visions of blood and carnage have burnt out this blood warrior’s eyes.
Banner of Khorne. Note that I painted it a different shade of red to add contrast to the brighter red of the model.
Champion of the unit, wielding the fearsome Goreglave. Besides the massive weapon, I wanted him to stand out from the rest of the unit by having him be soaked in the gore of his unfortunate victims (also adds debt to the unit).
Blood Warrior with chaotic gladiator helm. This one is my favorite, as I really dig the pose and helmet I gave him. I purchased this helm and the eyeless Blood Warrior’s head from a 3rd party bits seller.
Standard model, for you guys to contrast to the others.
Just for show, here is the head of them all: my Mighty Lord of Khorne. Custom based and ready to take skulls for the skull throne.
A side shot, for you guys to get a better look at his sexy body.